Whilst the coffin is not the most important thing that a funeral director does,

the company’s service and your peace of  mind that everything will go smoothly is, it can make a difference, and help you on what can be a very difficult time.


We are now happy to sell Our unique coffins to families directly or through their funeral director. You will still need the services of  funeral director to carry out the arrangements, which we are happy to do, or you can use your local trusted funeral director and have one of our properly made traditional Solid English Oak Coffins.



John Heath & Sons are family funeral directors, based in Sheffield. Adam and Jason are the sixth generation of the Heath family to run the business.

We have been producing coffins to a similar specification for over 100 years and are (we think) unique, for a business of our size, in still making each coffin personally for each individual deceased person. They are hand made by our joiners, from local timber in Solid English Oak. They are then finished and beeswax polished for a beautiful natural finish. We do not make the coffins on a budget, they may sometimes cost a little more, but they are infinitely superior to the mass-produced highly varnished coffins that many funeral directors now use.


It isn’t just the quality of the materials or the finish but the design is unique to ourselves. We have honed the traditional design of coffins to make it more pleasing to the eye - not easier to mass produce! Not only are they tapered lengthways, but they are tapered at the ends also—they are ‘boat-shaped’ which gives a much softer look to the coffin on the day of the funeral, and when finished with flowers can really make for a beautiful appearance. You can rest assured that you have done the best for someone. There is nothing flamboyant or ostentatious about our products. We think that “simple quality” best describes them.









If you are not bothered what sort of coffin you would like then your funeral director will help you by providing a simple veneered or other coffin, but if you would like a beautiful, unique and traditional hand-crafted coffin, produced personally for your loved one then please call us to discuss it.  It usually takes us three to four days from start to finish and we can deliver anywhere, or you are welcome to collect from our premises in Sheffield, if you wish.


They can be lined with our own specially made side-sheets. These are less frilly than the gowns that most funeral directors use. We usually ask families to provide some of the deceased’s usual clothing, so when you come to the funeral director’s chapel of rest to pay your last respects, your loved one will appear much more familiar to you. If you would prefer to use your funeral directors gown and lining then let us know and we shall leave it unlined. We also like the handles shown—but you may prefer to use others—if so we shan’t put them on. Likewise if the coffin is for cremation we can put nickel finished combustible handles and nameplate if wished . Please let us know the name of the deceased date of death and the age. We are pleased to hand engrave each name plate with this information. If you would like a matching crucifix attached to the lid please tell us.


The coffins, finishes, fittings and linings conform to all UK cremation and burial regulations. You can have a choice of colours—although the three we usually use are Dark Traditional Finish, Medium “Fumed” Finished or Natural Finished. The figure which appears in much of the oak is highlighted by the stain or the beeswax and looks beautiful.


Please don’t expect a highly-varnished perfect finish. The coffins are made from natural Oak grown locally. There are sometimes knots in it. The colours can vary depending on the log. It is not a uniform “MFI” product. We don’t spray “shading” on to give a “nice effect”, they look more natural than that.


Please also note that we can make other funeral related products like Oak Caskets for ashes, but we do not make other products—our expertise is in coffins not in making other furniture.


We are  a reliable family business and used to producing coffins on time. We will look after you and your family, and are happy to invoice you directly, or be paid by your chosen funeral director.

A natural finished coffin with white lily spray


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